I've been singing in our church choir since the late 1970s and enjoy singing and as a kid I had trumpet music lessons but you can't do a lot of singing while playing the trumpet so I bought my first acoustic guitar a few years ago and did some self teaching for a while and then took some professional lesson.  Now I post some of my videos on YouTube.

My major hobbies now is mostly Computers and Singing and playing the guitar.  I started the Ham Radio hobby back in 1967 and have worked the bands from various states and in England as G5AMG and Japan as KA2RG and have talked with people from over 300 countries and also did SSTV which stand for Slow Scan Television.  I had to design and build my SSTV receiver because being new on the market the vendors were asking too much money.

Ham Radio Operator since 1967
Camera Film

I was also into Photography and even had my own darkroom which most people won't know what the heck that is today because of the digital cameras out there now.  I also got into color sides which was time consuming and kind of expensive because of the cost of the chemicals and it's short life once used but it was exciting to see the final results.

I actually got into the computer field in my last two years in the Air Force and my first computer was the Commodore 64 then the Apple IIe, then an AT&T which was the same as the IBM just with a faster processor and so on.  Enjoy designing database applications and web sites as well as music, photo and video editing.

Toshiba 18.4" Laptop

Dee was always interested in reading and sometimes she would get lost in the book and forget what time it was but she enjoyed it so that is what mattered.  She was also very active in the community.